Elsco Cab Roller Guide Model B w/ Red HD Poly Wheels


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Cab Roller Guides Model B, Red HD Poly Wheels. The Model B Roller Guide offers exceptional performance in a compact, easy-to-install package. A broad application range, ease of use, and outstanding value have made the Model B the most popular roller guide. Typically used on moderate-speed, moderate-capacity elevator cabins, the Model B is equipped with a number of ride-improving features that have made it the preferred choice of so many elevator contractors around the world.

? Top Level Assembly for Model B Roller Guide with Std. Neoprene Rollers is EB02100 (HCI 39968)
? Top Level Assembly for Model A Roller Guide with Polyurethane is EB02114.
? Neoprene rollers are identical for rail side and face.
? Polyurethane rollers use different tread widths for rail side and rail face.


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