Elpro Guide Roller Assembly 815RG, Complete. 1 set of 4

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Model 815RG: Adjustable 3 wheel guides for installation as original equipment or in ride-improvement renovation. Moderate Speed and Capacity. Long Mileage ?Low Maintenance. No Fire hazard ? operates on dry rails. 1/8? Wheel Adjustment.

Overall Size and Weight: Height: 6-3/4?, Width: 12-1/8?, Depth: 7-3/4?. Shipping Weight: 14 lbs. Rolling surface: 1/2?. Wheels: Diameter: 5-3/4?, Bore: 5/8?.
Mounting ?Bolt Holes: Front-to-rear, centers: 2-1/2? (with 3/8? adjustment) Across, centers: 7-1/4? Face of rail to front bolt holes: 2-1/4? (with eccentric stud in its neutral position). Rated Capacity: Gross load of 8500 lbs. per shoe


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