Freight Elevators

Heavy duty, dependable freight elevators are designed and built specifically for rugged industrial use.  Harris Companies Inc, Elevator Division believes in reliability, low maintenance, energy efficiency and ease of installation in all of our products.  Our freight elevators are designed and built for the rugged use requirements of industrial plants.
Here are some typical applications:

Air Force Bases HBI/DRI Combo Plants
Airline Hangers Industrial Facilities
Amusement Parks Malting Companies
Bridges Orange Juice Facilities
Cabon Plants Paper Mills
Can Companies Pet Food Facilities
Cement Plants Plastics Plants
Clay Facilities Plating Plants
Commercial Buildings Ports for Exporting Grain
Commodities Suppliers Power Plants
Construction Sites Pump Stations
Corn Plants Refractories
Dam Facilities Roofing Facilities
Ethanol Plants Soda Ash Plants
Export Grain Facilities Solar Observatories
Farm Bureaus Steel Mills
Feed Mills Stone Quarries
Flour Mills Sugar Plants
Forest Preserve Services Veterinarian Supplies
Furnace Buildings Warehouses
Government Facilities Woodlands

Wonder if you have space?

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Freight Elevator Dimensions